What next time?

August 6, 2014

So it has been a while. A long while. I’ve still been occasionally dating. I get motivated, update my profile, log on daily and reply to messages. But the same thing always happens. I go on a few lackluster boring going nowhere dates, and I get disheartened. I stop logging on, I stop responding to messages, mainly because not only am I down about it, but let’s be honest, the emails suck to begin with.

Let’s see. Recently, I met a guy I liked. He was a little science nerdy, and a little awkwardly dorky, but I liked it. I prefer smart men, and he was interesting at least. I felt like he could challenge me, in fact, we could challenge each other. So of course he got laid off right before we met and he then proceeded to go on job interviews all over the country. I know his field (neuro research) is specific, and it isn’t like there is a suitable lab on every corner, but really? Really? We talked and stuff for a while, but it just died out over time.

The other man I went out with at the same time (the bar restaurant I always go to must be like dammmmmm this chick gets around because I bring all my first dates there. Why you ask? Well it is nearby, the food is good, it isn’t usually overly loud, and it is comfy and casual. And I don’t have the effort or desire to drive far lol). Sad but true. Anyway, he was nice but loved to talk about his ex at work who is his stalker. Yeah, allow me to exit left. I don’t need to start dating someone who already has a built in stalker. Thanks, but I’d rather not fast forward to crazy at my door at 4 am banging and screaming because she sees your car outside. It sounds appealing, but no. Lol.

Then there was that guy who was already like 3 drinks in when I arrived and met tried to get me to buy his drinks. He said, don’t worry, I’ll get you next time. Um, what next time? There’s not going to be a next time. We had no chemistry, and it was about as fun as watching paint dry. Separate checks please.

3 Responses to “What next time?”

  1. D.A.M said

    Holy shit you having me laughing my ass off! I just came across your online dating site and have been reading for a while now. I absolutely love you! Seriously love you! To hear someone talk so openly and say what they really think is the best thing ever. If everyone was just like you and not so damn scared to speak up and tell ya like it is, people would be so much happier cause we all wouldn’t waste so much time trying to sugarcoat shit. Most the shit people say is lies or half truths anyway so what’s the point? Put it out there and make your choice to engage yourself or leave. Things would be so much easier if you could trust that people were being honest.

  2. (My other blog is “The Three Ounce Life”

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